IT Solutions for Home & Business -- Tulsa, OK and Dallas, TX

Networks are complex. The more computers on a network, the harder they are to maintain. However, at Encompassed Technologies, we can help you take control of your network and leverage it for its full capabilities.

Our services include:

IT-Outsourcing including server support, network load monitoring, centralized anti-spam and anti-virus management, installation services, end-user support, and backup/recovery solutions. Many clients have us come weekly, monthly, or other set times to monitor and solve any issues. Furthermore, with remote desktop assistance, we can access your network from remote locations solving problems before you even realize it.

Bandwidth needs assessment ensures that you are providing the correct bandwidth for your users. Many clients actually realize that the same connection they use at home could work at their office and end up saving a substantial amount on their monthly access fees.

Network equipment installation and support including building new networks for client sites, adding devices (printers, computers, servers, backup devices, etc.) to the network, and servicing both newly installed and existing devices.