IT Solutions for Home & Business -- Tulsa, OK and Dallas, TX

Pricing Structure

 All on-site Services$55/hr with 1 hr. minimum* 
Phone Support  $55/hr with .25 minimum
 Remote Support$55/hr with .25 hr. minimum 
 Dell Computer OrderingPrice of machine (normally up to 35% off retail) 
 Special ProjectsEstimates Provided or Hourly Rate

*Trip charges may apply for some locations.

How do we compare to our competitors?

Best Buy's GeekSquad - Advanced Diagnostics (includes Analysis and Repair of System Problems) (limited to 1 computer only) $359/system (unlimited time) (limited to 1 computer only)
Best Buy's GeekSquad - In-Home Wireless Network Installation (limited to 2 computers) $159 (unlimited time)
Cox Tech Solutions - In-Home Repair, Installation, etc. (limited to 1 computer only)  $195/1.5 hrs (limited to 1 computer only)
 Tulsa's GeekRescue - In-Home Repair  $100/hr with 1 hr. minimum
Tulsa's GeekRescue - Remote Support  $2/min
  Tulsa's Aktec Computer - In-Home Repair  $85/hr with 1 hr. minimum

Prices as of March, 2008.
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